Become Part of a Coding Community…Here’s Why

Coding Community

Once you’ve dipped your toe into your new coding boot camp, you might consider becoming part of a coding community. This might not sound like “your thing,” but have faith. These communities might be of more help to you than you think. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should really consider joining one, or even multiple coding communities.


For starters, they’re free.
Since you’re investing financially in your education, why not take advantage of every free resource you can get your hands on?

There are plenty of forums, bulletin boards, and competition sites where you can put your skills to the test, ask questions, and even make a new friend.


Consider how much you can learn from others.
You might be new to the scene, but there are plenty of experienced coding gurus floating around these communities. If you ever have questions on how to improve on something, you’re sure to find someone out there to help you figure it out.


You’ll feel like you’re a part of something.
Joining a coding community is unique, in that everyone shares something in common. Being able to understand and speak the coding lingo should make you feel accomplished. Finding a network of people who have the same passion in a shared space is hard to come by.


You might find encouragement when you need it most.
It’s inevitable—you will come to a hiccup in your journey as a developer at some point. Joining a coding community guarantees you a group of peers that will have your back to motivate you and restore your momentum when you’re feeling stuck.


Get new ideas for a project.
There are thousands of free-floating ideas that exist in coding communities. While we’re not suggesting that you take someone else’s idea, looking at others’ ideas might be the spark you need to fuel your latest and greatest project.


To find a renewed sense of purpose.
If you’re further along in your coding journey than others, then you can remember once upon a time when the novelty of learning code used to excite you. Maybe you’ve lost your lust for code and you need to be reinvigorated.

Join a coding community and you could find yourself helping out the newbies whose shoes you were once in. Helping others achieve their goals is not only fulfilling in itself; it might be exactly what you needed to re-kindle your desire to expand your own knowledge.

So there you have it. Joining a coding community can benefit you in ways you might have never even thought of. If you’re asking yourself where to start, just pull up a quick internet search and you’ll be presented with a mountain of results. It’s not hard to find a community that will welcome you with open arms, you just have to make the leap to join one. And don’t forget, there’s no coding community like the one you will build throughout the program itself! The friendships and network you make with your boot camp classmates—forged in the fire of grueling hours of code—last a lifetime.



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