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The 8 Must-Have Data Analyst Skills

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Many organizations today depend heavily on data regarding their customers, clients, products, operations, and market. There is now an unprecedented shift in how data is accelerating business transformation, and with that we see more and more organizations requiring talented and qualified professionals who can extract information, analytics, and insights from complex data.   But what…

College of Professional Studies Launches Data Analytics Boot Camp

Data Analytics and Visulalization program

The George Washington University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) has launched GW Data Analytics Boot Camp, a six-month skills development program teaching the fundamental data science and analytics skills that are increasingly valued in today’s data-driven digital economy. The launch comes at a time when the projected investment in data science is at an all-time high,…

Four Habits of a Good Data Analyst

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If you ask any seasoned data analyst, they would tell you that there are some tricks of the trade to help you improve or maintain the efficiency of your processes. When you find yourself sifting through endless sets of data during the day, you’ll be thankful to have a few good habits in your back…