About Allen

Allen presently wears a Red Hat while he builds the Service UI for the Red Hat Cloudforms Product, an open source cloud management tool suite.

Previously he worked at Booz Allen Hamilton bringing products to market including Datalift, Codelift and Project Jellyfish.  In a distant work life Allen worked as a Biometrics Engineer specializing in software development.

His passion for building, breaking, imagining, creating and solving drove him to learn a few of the many languages of computers.  To this day his pursuit to achieve precision of language for each that he speaks motivates his education in new and exciting technologies (right now he’s on one heck of an es6 kick).

Fun Facts:

  • He is a passionate motorcyclist who rode to the arctic circle.
  • Grows avocado plants from seeds over his sink.
  • He made his own fantasy football formulas.
  • He hates cutting grass.
  • He loves water.
  • He has three frickin’ awesome siblings.