About GW Boot Camps

At the GW College of Professional Studies, we believe that empowering working professionals is an important driver for prosperity in the global economy. We offer diverse academic programs in a flexible, innovative learning environment that takes full advantage of the university’s deep relationships in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Our dedication to higher education continues with GW Coding Boot Camp and GW Data Analytics Boot Camp.

GW Boot Camps provide students with the skills necessary for careers in coding or data analytics through an immersive, hands-on experience.  No matter which format you choose, we employ a market-driven curriculum to teach the most in-demand skills and offer a wide range of support services to best enable your success in the program and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Curricula

Our students learn from instructors with a minimum of three years of professional experience in the field. We constantly evaluate our curricula and analyze class feedback so that our programs best suit the needs of our students and current market demands. Explore the coding and data analytics curricula.

Immersive Learning Environment

Web development and data analytics are challenging fields, but with a face-to-face learning experience, you’ll receive the advantages of in-person communication and assistance. We provide a supportive classroom setting where students get the attention they need to best learn the course material. Read about the classroom experience.

Real World Experiences

Class exercises allow students to collaborate and solve problems that simulate the real-world challenges of these professions. You’ll apply what you learn weekly on projects that can be used in your portfolio, furthering your knowledge while creating proof of your skills. Students also participate in hands-on learning experiences with employers.

Extensive Student Support

Starting in the admissions process and even past graduation day, our teams walk by your side to help guide you through these rigorous programs. We help our students prepare to enter the job market with their new skills through in-depth support services. Learn more about student support.

Valuable Career Services

Through a comprehensive set of career support services including technical interview training, resume support, portfolio reviews, 1:1 coaching, and more, students are equipped to be Employer Competitive upon graduation. Explore our career planning assistance.

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