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At GW Boot Camps, our courses use a combination of lectures and exercises, both individual and in groups. Students work in the classroom and at home to master these newly valuable skills. Homework assignments allow you to apply the concepts that are taught in class to solve real-world problems. Learning to put the course concepts to use is a vital part of mastering the topics covered. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning experience with real insight into a “day in the life” of a full-stack developer, data analyst, or cybersecurity professional.

Our boot camps cover complex fields, and we believe it’s advantageous to learn the fundamental skills for these industries in a classroom setting. We provide an intimate environment with ample support, both in and outside of the classroom. Students have access to skilled instructors, as well as knowledgeable TAs, and every member of our staff is eager to provide in-depth support.

Don’t second guess yourself if you want to do it, I say just go ahead and do it. With the way the job market and technology is going, this is almost a perfect situation for someone to jump into.

-Alfred, 2017 GW Coding Boot Camp Grad

Students do all of their coursework via laptop, eliminating the need for books or additional class materials. Our course structure is broken up into three main groups.


Instructor-led discussions cover the history, usage, and background of a new technology or concept.

Lab Work

You’ll put the material covered in class into action by working on timed in-class exercises and projects.

Hands-On Projects

Class assignments focus on projects and applications that showcase your abilities across a wide range of technologies.

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