Student Experience

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GW Boot Camps offer a dynamic, virtual learning experience. We provide dedicated instructors and teaching assistants who are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. 

Students are taught the fundamentals, but we work to enhance our curricula frequently to ensure we are helping students acquire the most in-demand skills in today’s market.

Classroom experience.

Hands-On Classroom Experience

Learning web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, UX/UI, or digital marketing can be a difficult pursuit, so our programs offer live classes, allowing students to ask questions as they arise and work with classmates on projects. Read more about the classroom.

Flexible time.


Our programs offer convenient part-time schedules, with classes that meet at night for students who can’t sacrifice their current job. There is also a full-time option available for GW Coding Boot Camp, allowing students to complete the program in less time. See the program class schedule.

Two-way communication.

Communication + Feedback

It’s difficult to master new skills quickly. We strive to set the stage for our students’ success using multiple feedback channels. We also facilitate effortless communication between students, their peers, and their instructors through email and phone, office hours, and a dedicated Slack channel. Learn more about our instructors.


Extensive Support

Our students are our top priority, and we’re passionate about enabling student success. Our programs provide career help that includes career-planning services, portfolio reviews, technical interview training, and recruiting assistance. If you want more information, learn more about student support.

Team work.

Successful Outcomes

Boot camp graduates have moved on to find great success in their fields and we’re proud of their achievements. Our instructors teach concepts, and our career services team coaches on how to approach their job search, but our students themselves earn their success through hard work and dedication. Hear from our students and alumni.

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